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Test Your Recycling Know-How

Effective recycling starts with knowing how to recycle properly. How familiar are you with guidelines for recycling? Let’s find out with this quiz. TRUE or FALSE: It’s okay to leave liquids in used bottles. TRUE or FALSE: Lids should be replaced on used bottles. TRUE or FALSE: Just about anything can be placed in the …

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Five Benefits of Recycled PET Plastic

Recycling used PET packaging has so many benefits! It gives bottles new life, reduces waste, and creates a better environment. Let’s take a look at five benefits of recycled PET plastic. PET plastic is a recyclable material and is the world’s most commonly recycled plastic1. Recycled PET has a lower carbon footprint than virgin PET. …

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Recycling: Fiction vs Truth

How can you know fiction versus the truth when it comes to recycling? We’ve made it easy! Here are a few quick facts about recycling to help boost your recycling IQ. Plastic bottles can only be recycled once. FICTION: PET plastic bottles can be recycled again and again to make new packaging and other useful …

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