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Recycling Counts!TM

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Recycling Counts™ is Plastipak’s online global community, a point of interest for promoting recycling and resourceful education about PET and HDPE plastics. This ongoing commitment to sustainability is guided by a bottle to bottle approach to recycling, as used plastic bottles are recycled to make new bottles. We are dedicated to sharing the importance of recycling and offering valuable resources including helpful tips and articles.

Our Mission

The mission of Recycling Counts™ is to globally encourage, promote, and support recycling; to educate businesses and the end-consumer about recycling PET and HDPE plastics; and to continue our commitment to sustainability with a bottle to bottle recycling approach.

Award-Winning Initiative

Recycling Counts™️, Plastipak’s social responsibility initiative, earned an Award of Distinction from the Communicator Awards as the 2021 Integrated Campaign Winner! The Award of Distinction is presented for projects that exceed industry standards in quality and achievement. The Communicator Awards, a leading international awards program at www.communicatorawards.com, is dedicated to recognizing excellence, effectiveness, and innovation across all areas of communication. The awards are judged and curated by the Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts (AIVA) and can be found at www.aiva.org.

Recycling Counts™️ also earned 2021 silver awards from the Muse Creative Awards in two categories: Sustainability & Environment and Green/Eco-Friendly. The Muse Awards program, which can be viewed at www.museaward.com, was created by the International Awards Associate (IAA) to honor and promote creativity by providing a new standard of excellence for evaluating media design production and distribution. More information on the IAA can be found at www.iaaawards.org.

to Recycling Counts™

Diego Bianco
As the publisher of Recycling Counts™️, I’d like to welcome you to our website! Promoting curbside recycling, sharing why packaging matters, and educating the public with our Plastics 101 informative materials are part of our social responsibilities and engagement initiatives.

As a Plastipak associate for more than 19 years, I care. Plastipak cares. Plastipak cares for its associates, customers, and the people in the communities where we live, work, and play. I invite you to experience Recycling Counts™ and be part of this movement as we work to offer valuable resources about plastics and recycling. Visit the GET IN TOUCH section to ask me how you can be part of this helpful website by sharing plastic recycling content, plastic recycling news, media affiliations, and other ideas you may have.

The Publisher
Diego Bianco

After 30 years of experience in media, television, content development, and the global plastic packaging and recycling industries, Diego Bianco brings his knowledge of consumer engagement, marketing, communications strategies, and international experience to Recycling Counts™️.

As Publisher, Mr. Bianco uses a collaborative approach with the industry, associations, and governmental organizations to bring the insights and expertise needed to guide communications for successful bottle to bottle recycling education and promotional initiatives.

Mr. Bianco currently serves as Director of Marketing & Communications for Plastipak, a global leader in packaging innovation and recycling solutions.

Recycling CountsTM Articles

We invite you to read our articles about worldwide recycling efforts. These articles discuss recycling tips for your community, how Plastipak and its partners design sustainable plastic packaging, and much more. Find out how you can get involved. See firsthand how our efforts to recycle often start with simple actions, but have a global impact when we all work together. By simply placing your used plastic bottles into the bin, you are joining the Recycling Counts™ movement.

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Bottle to Bottle Recycling

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With recycling, used plastic bottles can be turned into resin to make new bottles. This bottle to bottle recycling approach creates a sustainable life cycle for plastic packaging. View this chart to learn more about this process and discover how you can take part in Recycling Worth Repeating!™

Used plastic bottles are
collected by Clean Tech to start
the recycling process.
Clean Tech uses advanced
technologies to recycle
billions of used plastic bottles.
Recycling results in
post-consumer recycled resin which
will be used to make new bottles.
Unique bottle designs using
post-consumer recycled resin
are developed and tested.
Used bottles which are placed
in recycling bins by consumers
are collected for recycling.
Consumers around the world
enjoy their favorite products
in convenient plastic packaging.
The new bottles are filled
and sent to the marketplace.
New bottles are manufactured
using sustainable technologies.


The World of Plastipak

Plastipak is a global leader in the rigid plastic packaging and recycling industries with more than 50 years of engaged hearts and minds. With innovation as a key driver, Plastipak operates at more than 60 sites across the globe with operations throughout North America, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Plastipak’s Purpose

Our purpose is to create products which inspire choice, provide value and are sustainably balanced for our customers. Plastipak is committed to sustainable packaging from design and development to recycling. Our sustainability initiatives are guided by a bottle to bottle approach to recycling which is accomplished through our recycling company, Clean Tech, a leading plastics recycler. We own and operate four global recycling centers processing billions of bottles a year.

Four Global Recycling Centers

Billions of Bottles
Recycled Annually

PET and HDPE Recycling
Since 1989

Post-Consumer Recycled Resin Making

Plastipak Sustainability Awards

Plastipak’s long-standing commitment to sustainability has earned multiple awards over the years.

  • 2021 Award of Distinction from the Communicator Awards as the Integrated Campaign Winner for Recycling Counts™, Plastipak’s social responsibility initiative
  • 2019 Best Environmental or Energy Efficiency Initiative of the Year at the Plastics Industry Awards
  • 2019 Best Business Initiative of the Year at the Plastics Industry Awards
  • 2019 Recycling Facility of the Year at Materials Recycling World’s National Recycling Awards for Clean Tech’s Hemswell, UK Site
  • 2017 Sustainability Merit of Honor for Plastipak Brazil from Jussara
  • 2015 Bronze Greenstar Sustainable Award for ThermaLite™ from Starpack
  • 2015 Best of Show Award in the PAC Gold Sustainable Category for Plastipak’s Simply Orange Bottle
  • 2014 Honorable Mention as a Detroit Free Press Michigan Green Leader
  • 2014 DuPont Gold Award for Technological Advancement and Responsible Packaging for Direct Object Printing
  • 1992 DuPont’s Environmental Award for the first food container with 25% post-consumer recycled PET resin
    (PET PCR or rPET) for Kraft salad dressing
  • 1989 DuPont Environmental Award for the first PET container made of 100% post-consumer recycled PET resin (PET PCR or rPET)

For a full listing of Plastipak’s awards, please visit www.plastipak.com/awards.

Plastipak Partnerships and Associations

Plastipak collaborates with partners and associations to maximize recycling efforts for the greatest positive impact on the environment and to promote recycling efforts in local communities.

Plastipak Partners with Eco-Schools

Plastipak UK partners with Eco-Schools, a global, pupil-led recycling initiative that uses hands-on learning to achieve school-wide participation in exciting environmental projects. Plastipak UK helped create the Eco-Schools Waste and Recycling module. The Eco-Schools program gives children a unique opportunity to empower change within their communities. It encourages students of all ages to work together to increase their knowledge about recycling. Plastipak contributes its expertise in recycling and recyclable packaging to the project.

Global Recycling Centers

Plastipak’s global recycling centers reclaim plastic products to produce high-quality PET and HDPE PCR materials (rPET in European markets) in our effort to supply sustainable packaging options to our customers. In North America, Clean Tech is one of the top five plastic recyclers in the US. In Europe, Plastipak is the largest producer of food-grade rPET, with capacity to produce over 300 million pounds (136 thousand tonnes) of food-grade rPET (PET PCR) material annually.