Recycling Doesn’t Have to be Spooky for Halloween

As you plan for Halloween, don’t be haunted by fears about how to recycle. We have some easy tips to make your Halloween recycling-friendly.

  1. If you host a Halloween party, make recycling bins easily accessible to guests. Place them in visible locations next to trash cans.
  2. Recycle used bottles after Halloween using curbside recycling.
  3. If you use stringed lights for decorations, don’t place them in the recycling bin. They can get tangled in recycling equipment. Instead, reuse them next year.
  4. Get your kids involved in turning used bottles into decorations. Look up fun craft ideas to transform your used bottles into creepy creatures and friendly ghosts.
  5. Before placing recyclable items in the recycling bin, remove ribbons and strings so they won’t get caught in recycling equipment.
  6. Don’t place costumes in the recycling bin. Instead, donate them or switch costumes with a friend next year.
  7. Do you plan to leave candy on the front porch? Instead of buying a new bowl, remove the top of a gallon milk jug and fill it with candy. Then place the jug in the recycling bin the next morning.

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