Meeting the Growing Demand for Plastics with Advanced Recycling

There’s a growing form of recycling called advanced recycling. This differs from mechanical recycling, which is the traditional process of physically separating plastics, breaking it down, and cleaning it to manufacture plastic pellets for use in new packaging. In advanced recycling, plastics are broken down into their molecular building blocks. Advanced recycling typically alters the physical form of used plastics either by dissolving them or using heat to break them down into their original components.1 This results in a valuable raw material made from packaging that is typically harder to recycle due to multi-layers, colorants, or barriers.

The rise of advanced recycling helps meet the growing demand for recycled plastics as major brands and plastics manufacturers commit to more sustainable packaging. In fact, Closed Loop Partners estimates a demand of 5 to 7.5 million metric tons of plastics by 20302.

You can contribute to the circular economy of plastic packaging by participating in curbside recycling. It’s Recycling Worth Repeating™!