Day: <span>September 15, 2021</span>

Meeting the Growing Demand for Plastics with Advanced Recycling

There’s a growing form of recycling called advanced recycling. This differs from mechanical recycling, which is the traditional process of physically separating plastics, breaking it down, and cleaning it to manufacture plastic pellets for use in new packaging. In advanced recycling, plastics are broken down into their molecular building blocks. Advanced recycling typically alters the …

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The Understanding Packaging (UP) Scorecard Measures Food Packaging Sustainability

The Understanding Packaging (UP) Scorecard is a free online tool that measures food packaging materials to help people make sustainable purchasing decisions. The easy-to-use web-based tool assesses the sustainability impacts of common foodware and food packaging. Pollution, chemicals of concern, climate, water use, sustainable sourcing, and recoverability are scored by the science-based tool which was …

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APR’s ‘Meets Preferred Guidance (MPG) Review’ Program

The Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR), a trade association for the plastics recycling industry, launched its Meets Preferred Guidance (MPG) Review Program to recognize companies that develop packaging that meets the “APR Preferred” status based on their definition of recyclability. Through the program, the APR gives an independent assessment of packaging materials, components, and finished …

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