Recycling Tips for the Holidays

The holidays come with gifts, get-togethers, and an opportunity to give “garbage” new life. Thanks to recycling, not all “garbage” is trash. Much of it can be recycled to make useful products! Here are a few tips to have an eco-friendly holiday season.

Make recycling bins a convenient part of your get-togethers. When you place a recycling bin next to the trash can, it reminds your guests to recycle while also making it quick and convenient. Used bottles can be recycled again and again to make new packaging.

Buy products made with recycled materials. Check labels of drinks, food, and other items to identify products made with recycled content. Visit from the Foundation for Plastic Recycling for tips on buying recycled products.

Don’t place stringed lights or tinsel in the recycling bin. These types of items can get tangled in recycling equipment, causing problems and delays.

Stay on schedule. Many cities adjust recycling pick up days due to the holidays. Check ahead to find out which days to count on in your area.

Staying informed and taking these few extra steps makes a positive impact on the environment. You can be part of the circular economy by participating in curbside recycling not only during the holidays, but year- round.