The Benefits of Chemical Recycling

One of the growing methods used to recycle used plastic packaging is chemical recycling. Let’s take a look at the benefits it brings to the recycling industry.

Chemical recycling, defined by This is Plastics (, is any process by which a polymer is chemically reduced to its original monomer form so that it can eventually be processed (re-polymerized) and remade into new plastic materials that go on to be new plastic product. In simpler terms, chemical recycling breaks plastic back down to its original form.

Some items can’t be recycled using traditional recycling (mechanical recycling) due to colorants, barriers or multilayers that are sometimes used in packaging. Thanks to chemical recycling, these items can now be recycled, giving hard-to-recycle plastics new life! By overcoming some of the limitations of traditional recycling, there are now more ways to use recycled materials. That’s a win for the environment!

Your Recycling Counts™ by giving plastics new life again and again!