Recycling Tips for Summertime Trips

Many Americans use the summer months for travel. If you find yourself gearing up for an epic summer adventure, here are a few tips to ensure you can recycle while relaxing!

  1. Zero Waste When Away! When purchasing beverages for the road, you can leave zero waste by looking for resin code #1 on the bottles you choose for water, carbonated soft drinks, and sports drinks. Many of these can be recycled again and again to make new bottles.
  2. Research Recycling Options at Your Destination. Whether you are headed out on a camping trip or checking into a hotel, research your destination to see if it offers on-site recycling. If the area does not offer recycling, you can make your own recycling bin out of a used box or cooler and then recycle properly once you are able to.

We invite you to recycle on your next summer adventure because Recycling Counts™!