Four Quick Tips for a Recycling Routine

Having a recycling routine helps you develop the great habit of recycling. Here are four quick tips to get started!

    1. Get informed. Learn about the recycling guidelines in your area. Find out what is accepted and how the recycling process works.
    2. Designate an area for recycling. Place a recycling bin near your trash can and sink to make sorting and rinsing easy. The more convenient recycling is, the more likely you are to do it regularly.
    3. Keep recyclables clean and dry. Remove leftover liquids and products with a quick rinse and then allow them to dry. If leftover products are not removed, they can contaminate other items in your recycling bin or even in the recycling truck.
    4. Participate in curbside recycling if it is available in your area. Make recycling a habit that lasts a lifetime because Recycling Counts™!