Why Recycling Used Plastic Packaging is Important

Packaging is an essential part of daily life. From the foods you eat to the products you drink, plastic packaging plays in important role. But did you know that recycling your used plastic packaging also plays a crucial role in daily life? Check out some of the some of the top reasons why recycling plastic packaging is important.

  1. Recycled plastic helps create new PET and HDPE plastics are important to recycle as they can be repurposed to create new packaging and other products for everyday life.
  2. Recycling your used plastic packaging helps make the planet a better place. By recycling, you help create a more sustainable future for generations to come because natural resources are preserved and waste is reduced.

How can you help make a difference? Participate in curbside recycling so that your used plastics can be recycled to make new packaging!

SOURCE: https://www.isri.org/