Helpful Recycling Tips for Any Recycler!

Did you know recycling can differ from city to city? Having a clear understanding of what belongs in or out of the recycling bin helps ensure that your items get recycled. Here are a few recycling tips for any recycler.

Check the label. Many brands now include instructions on how to recycle on the product’s packaging. Check the label and also follow your local government’s guidelines.

Don’t bag recyclables! Did you know that bagged recyclables pose a risk of contamination from potential substances inside the bag, and therefore are sent to landfills. The bags themselves can also get caught in sorting equipment. Make the most of your recycling and be sure to leave items out of bags!

To learn even more recycling tips, just check out our articles page where you will find many more resources on how to become a savvy recycler.

Always remember to participate in curbside recycling, because Recycling Counts!™