In or Out? What Belongs in the Recycling Bin?

Having a clear understanding of what belongs in or out of the recycling bin helps ensure that your items get recycled. As you place items in your recycling bin, consider what to put in and what to leave out.

WHAT’S IN? Clean and dry plastic bottles belong in the bin. Include bottle caps on the bottles, not loose in the bin (if your local recycler accepts them).

WHAT’S OUT? Food and liquids contaminate other items, so they do not belong in the bin. Do not include non-recyclable items such as medical waste, propane cylinders, batteries, paint, or chemicals, which can be dangerous and can contaminate other items. Bagged recyclables do not belong in the bin because the bags can get caught in sorting equipment. Instead, place your recyclables loose in the bin.

As always, check with your city government or recycler for details in your area to make the most of your curbside recycling, because Recycling Counts!™