How Clean is Clean Enough?

You may know that plastic bottles need to be empty for recycling, but just how clean do they need to be? After all, it’s difficult to remove all of some food products like peanut butter, pasta sauce, or mayo. Empty your bottles as much as you can using a spoon or spatula, but keep in mind that the product doesn’t have to be 100% removed.

You can then rinse the packaging briefly in cold water or even better, make use of used dish water once you’re finished washing dishes. Just make sure that enough of the product is removed so that it won’t be contaminating other items in your recycling bin. Then simply shake off excess water once you’re done and don’t worry about a few leftover water droplets. As long as there’s not enough water to pour out onto other items in the recycling bin, it’s good to go!

As always, check with your local city government or recycler for details in your area as you participate in curbside recycling. It’s Recycling Worth Repeating!™