Become a Savvy Recycler

Continually building on your recycling know-how puts you on the path to becoming a savvy recycler, which keeps more materials in the recycling loop. Learn more to recycle like a pro!

Know that just because an item has a recycling symbol on the label doesn’t mean that is necessarily recyclable in your area. Your local recycling facility will let you know what they are equipped to recycle and what they are not set up to do. Be sure to follow the guidelines in your area.

Becoming a savvy recycler includes evaluating packaging from all rooms in your home so that as many items can be recycled as possible. Water bottles and food containers are some of the first things we may think about when it comes to recycling. But also consider items from the bathroom like shampoo bottles, and items from your laundry room such as detergent bottles.

Once you know what can be recycled have collected items from all around your home, make sure these items make it to the recycling facility in the right condition. Plastic containers need to be clean and dry and also need to be kept loose in the recycling bin, rather than bagged.

Participate in curbside recycling, because Recycling Counts!™