Make the Most of Your Recycling

How can you make the most of your recycling? First of all, it’s important to note that each city government has its own recycling rules and capabilities. Contact your city government to find out about the curbside recycling in your area, what’s recyclable, and how the collection process works. Curbside recycling is generally the best method of recycling!

Next, collect your used plastic packaging in recycling bins rather than bags. Bagged items are often sent to landfills because they pose a risk of contamination from potential substances inside the bag. Also, bags can get caught in sorting equipment at recycling centers. As you collect your used packaging, remove leftover products such as juice or soda with a quick rinse and let it dry. Items that are wet or contain leftover products can contaminate other recyclable items in the bin.

Finally, if you need additional information, reach out to your city government or recycling facility for answers so that you can make the most of your recycling, because Recycling Counts!™