The Advantages of PET for Essential Packaging

PET (polyethylene terephthalate) is an optimal packaging material used to make essential packaging which protects and preserves food, beverages and other necessary goods. Besides making packaging that is safe, lightweight, and shatter-resistant, most PET containers are also recyclable. In fact, PET is the world’s most commonly recycled plastic in the world! It can be recycled over and over again with a lower carbon footprint than other alternatives for common beverage packages.

PET also makes a positive impact on the economy with 265,000 PET-related jobs! This number will likely increase over time due to the demand for products containing recycled PET.

In difficult times, PET containers provide people with clean drinking water and food while offering protection from contamination and potential disease. The lightweight feature of PET makes it easy to transport essentials to those in need.

Visit the Positively PET site from our education partner, NAPCOR, at to learn more about the advantages of PET in essential packaging.