Nine Reasons Plastics Recycling is on the Rise

You’ve probably heard a lot about recycling plastics, but some of these facts may surprise you. Read below and discover nine reasons why plastics recycling is on the rise. 

  1. When compared to alternatives, a new study finds that the environmental cost of using plastics is four times less than the costs of other materials.
  2. Producing plastic from used plastics saves 88% of energy compared to making plastic from raw materials.
  3. The number of recycling businesses have nearly tripled over the past few years, with over 1,700 businesses in operation today that now handle and reclaim post-consumer plastics. 
  4. By using plastic packaging, American product manufacturers save enough energy every year to supply power to a city with 1 million homes for three and a half years. 
  5. Since 1977, the 2-liter plastic soft drink bottle has decreased from weighing 68 grams to only 51 grams today, which is a 25% reduction per bottle. The savings is equivalent to over 206 million pounds of packaging each year! 
  6. The 1-gallon milk jug now weighs 30% less than what it did twenty years ago.
  7. Approximately 80% of the U.S. population has access to a plastics recycling program. 
  8. The number of companies that handle and reclaim post-consumer plastics has multiplied by more than six times since 1986.
  9. Improvements in energy efficiency achieved through the use of plastics in the past decade have saved more than 53 billion kilowatt hours of electricity, saving American consumers over $4 billion a year.