Facts About Plastic in the Oceans

Have you ever wondered how bottles end up in the ocean? Where are they coming from and why is it happening? This infographic explains the wide scope of these problems along with the best practices by organizations who are joining Plastipak and Clean Tech’s sustainability efforts.

Addressing the oceans plastics problem starts with understanding the facts behind it. Did you know that 82% of plastics in the ocean comes from Asia due to littering and mismanagement of waste while only 2% comes from the US and Europe? Also, 88-95% of plastic waste comes from just 10 rivers! Plastipak and other organizations are working together to combat the problem for a sustainable future with education, awareness, sharing best practices for waste management in high-leakage counties, and anti-littering campaigns.

Recycling Counts™ at home and in the community with a widespread impact on our oceans. Join your local curbside recycling program to participate in Recycling Worth Repeating!™