10 Advantages of Recycled PET

You’ve probably heard a lot about recycling plastics, but some of these facts may surprise you. Read below and discover nine reasons why plastics recycling is on the rise. Post-consumer recycled PET (PET PCR or rPET) has many advantages when it comes to sustainability. With a bottle and cap that are both recyclable, PET bottles are an ideal and sustainable packaging solution. Here are the top 10 advantages to using recycled PET.

  1. As mentioned above, the PET bottles are recyclable. 
  2. Recycled PET has a lower carbon footprint than virgin PET.
  3. Recycled PET is super lightweight compared to other types of packaging. 
  4. Compared to glass, recycled PET is 85% lighter and therefore helps cut transmission costs and lower CO2 emissions. 
  5. Recycled PET bottles are shatterproof, providing safety in the logistical chain, retail stores and at home. 
  6. Recycled PET is completely safe for both food and beverage packaging. 
  7. The process of making recycled PET turns consumer waste into a valuable resource. 
  8. Recycled PET can replace all or a portion of virgin PET in new packaging products. 
  9. Recycled PET enables businesses and organizations to deliver on their sustainability goals. 
  10. Many major brands have made the commitment to use recycled PET to reduce the carbon footprint of their products. These companies include Coca-Cola, Danone, PepsiCo, Nestlé Waters and many more. 

Now that you know more about the sustainable advantages of recycled PET, remember to recycle your own used plastic bottles by placing them in the correct bin. Our mission at Recycling Counts™ is to help equip you with the information you need to make good recycling choices. You play a vital part in bottle to bottle recycling, which is the process that allows us to create new bottles from your used bottles to protect the environment. Remember, your daily recycling routine has a long-term impact on the environment. It’s one of the many ways that Recycling Counts!™