Plastics: The Ultimate Packaging and Recycling Material

Plastics are part of our everyday lives. From personal care products to our favorite foods and beverages, plastic packaging adds convenience to our lives. It’s the ultimate packaging and recycling material! 

Strong, lightweight plastics enable packaging to do more with less. Plastic packaging delivers more food with less waste and energy compared to many alternatives. It also prevents food waste by extending the shelf life of healthy foods.

The characteristics of plastics make it possible to recycle plastic packaging again and again, eliminating waste. When you place your used bottles in the recycling bin, they can be recycled into so many different items, including new plastic bottles. Recycling not only keeps plastic packaging out of landfills, but also gives it a second life. Your daily recycling routine of this ultimate packaging material has a long-term impact on the environment. It’s one of the many ways that Recycling Counts!™