Practice Recycling Worth Repeating™

You can practice Recycling Worth Repeating™ by placing your used bottles into the recycling bin. This simple action performed on a daily basis can truly make an impact. Recycled PET plastic is a valuable material that can be repurposed into new bottles or other useful items again and again.

At Plastipak, our global recycling centers utilize the most advanced recycling technologies globally in converting collected and recycled plastic containers into high-quality post-consumer recycled PET resin (PET PCR or rPET) and HDPE resin (HDPE PCR or rHDPE). Post-consumer recycled resin is converted back into containers used for food, laundry detergent, household cleaners and other common products.

You can do your part to help preserve the environment by contacting your city government to learn how you can recycle. Place your used plastic bottles in the recycling bin. It’s the start of Recycling Worth Repeating!™