Reaching Our Sustainability Goals with Clean Tech

Plastipak is committed to sustainable packaging from design and development to recycling. Our sustainability initiatives are guided by a bottle to bottle approach to recycling which is accomplished through our recycling affiliate, Clean Tech.

Plastipak’s global recycling centers utilize the most advanced recycling technologies globally in converting collected and recycled plastic containers into high-quality post-consumer recycled PET resin (PET PCR or rPET) and HDPE resin (HDPE PCR or rHDPE). Post-consumer recycled resin is converted back into containers for food, laundry detergent, household cleaners and other common products. Clean Tech now recycles more than 20 billion bottles per year and continues to invest in recycling technology and operational improvements. Every bottle recycled by Clean Tech eases the strain on the environment and helps reduce the carbon footprint.  

Contact your city government to learn more about how to recycle at home and in your community. Place your used plastic bottles in the recycling bin. It’s the start of Recycling Worth Repeating!™