Eco-Friendly Printing Technology Earns Multiple Awards

Plastipak continually develops technologies with sustainability as a priority. Direct Object Printing (DOP™) earned DuPont’s 2014 Gold Award for Technological Advancement and Responsible Packaging. The use of environmentally-friendly ink, elimination of label substrates, and reduction of transportation and post-consumer waste secured the award in recognition of the technology’s sustainability accomplishments.

In addition, DOP™ earned DuPont’s 2017 Silver Award for Packaging Innovation for Direct Object Printing technology in recognition of its technological advancements, including rapid label changes without stopping the printing process and customized consumer engagement opportunities.

Direct Object Printing offers unique printing capabilities in key areas on the bottle including front the panel, back panel and on the shoulder.

Curbside recycling gives you the opportunity to contribute to a sustainable environment. Contact your city government to find out how to get involved. Place your used plastic bottles in the recycling bin. It’s the start of Recycling Worth Repeating!™